• "We would like to thank the organizers of the event for the opportunity to imbue with innovations and the latest trends in the digital world. We were impressed by the methods of sharing experience which are used by P&P for the development of the IT business in the country. This is a unique intellectual platform, that helped us to communicate with many inspiring people. We were surprised by the variety of startups, applications, and solutions for various business spheres.

    This emphasizes that the scope for innovation in China is quite large and opens new opportunities for different market segments and industries.

    We cannot but share the impressions that we received from visiting different cities. Particularly we were impressed by the city Wuzhen, which was recreated the same as it was about many years ago. It looks like a little Venice. In this town, you can easily feel the spirit of the times, culture and local traditions. Walking along the streets of Wuzhen, we thought about the extraordinary synergy of two phenomena in China: on the one hand, this country is always one step ahead in terms of the development of civilization, and on the other, it carefully preserves old traditions and cultural heritage.

    Thanks again for the warm welcome! We will continue our research and will expand our opportunities for further partnership."

    ABM Inventory
    Alexey Medvedev (CEO)
    Jane Medvedeva (Co-Founder)

    was officially settled in Beijing in 2016 and has become a close innovation partner for corporates, cities, governments, universities and talents.
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The Tech Pool CEE partnership project with Plug and Play China was focused on connecting founders from Central and Eastern Europe with prospective partners, investors and accelerators in China. The tour was mainly arranged within the Yangtze River Delta, the most developed area in China, consisting of Shanghai and other 25 most prosperous cities in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces.
We are happy to share the exciting moments of our excellent selected startups (Selfdiagnostics, ABM Inventory, Prodintelligence) during their China Innovation Tour that has been successfully completed within a week (September 22-27, 2019) starting and ending in Shanghai.

Each day was full of discoveries, connections, discussions, pitches, face to face talks, networkings, etc.
Our Startups opened up China’s tech ecosystem opportunities by:
- visiting several tech parks and corporates (2 startups from CEE were selected for semi-final during the China Unicom road show);
- visiting Innovation Summit with the participation in the Global Technology and Innovation Road Show at the International Convention and Exhibition Center;
- being invited for soft-landing by government representatives;
- being welcomed to potential cooperation with local companies and enterprises.

We are also happy that our Chinese partner was pleasantly surprised by the level of startups from CEE and offered to support all teams with any needs in developing their business in China.